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Image by Sharon McCutcheon
Weak men create hard times, hard times create strong men, strong men love The Big Guy. 

Who we are

The Big Guy “ was created by two hard working conservative dads in the beautiful state of California. We are a 2 family operation with our kids feverishly working (for free) to bring you some much needed joy and laughter.


These concepts came together in the time we had between attending BLM rallies, pro abortion rallies, super secret ANTIFA meetings and the great covid shutdowns. 


How it started

Fast forward to election night. We were extremely excited and ready for four more glorious years... Then it happened. Magically "The Big Guy" got more votes than any president in history. In fact, he got more votes than actual voters! He really is that good. We knew we had to do something that would inspire laughter to replace the churning stomach vomit feeling most of us had. And that's when it hit us. The Big Guy was the problem... BUT ALSO THE SOLUTION. Then the work began.


This journey has not been easy. From homeless people running around our San Francisco factory in their underpants, having to physically force our current employees to take a 32nd booster and trying to figure out what pronouns to use for our customers. (What do you call someone that identifies as a fire-breathing pit bull toaster?) But we finally made it here with The Big Guy in hand!


Anyways, we truly hope you enjoy The Big Guy as much as we do!

nancy pelosi.jpeg

POSITION: President

The best stock trader in America!


"We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it"


kfunny kamala harris funny biden doll.webp

POSITION: Vice President

The first black VP!

"Mah hahahah hehe *snoooort* bawahahahahahahaha! lolll!"



POSITION: Head of Global Sales

International Businessman! Loves parmesan cheese.

"Jesus hung out with prostitutes too!"

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